Here at Myriad Games, we host events all the time. We have hundreds of events every year, including regular weekly events and special events for all sorts of games! We host birthday parties, launch party tournaments, prereleases, leagues, game days, game nights, and game celebrations of all sorts. Host your event today here at Myriad Games or join in an event that’s already on our events calendar.

You can always visit for details on our events at all locations. You can preregister for our events by email. We also encourage you to post to our Wall at For example, for a Tuesday Game Night, you might post that you’re looking forward to playing a particular title, so that other folks will know what to look forward to.

You can see the calendars for our various locations by clicking on the links below below, and then details about specific events by using the drop-down Events menu above.

Myriad Games: Manchester
Myriad Games: Salem
Myriad Games: Amherst

What other events would you like to see us host here at Myriad Games? Email us today!

We’ll look forward to seeing you for events here at Myriad Games and to hearing how we can expand and improve our event schedule to better serve you!