MONDAYS: We Fight On Monday Night! Whether you prefer Warmachine, Hordes, Warhammer, or any of your choice of miniatures game, this is the night to bring your friends to fight! Keep an eye out for leagues and special events as well.


TUESDAYS: Calling all budding designers! If you have a game idea in your head, there's no better way to improve and hone it than by discussing and playing with other designers. Share ideas, run through prototypes, and even get the chance to pitch to industry veterans who may pop by once in a while to share their useful advice!

WEDNESDAYS: From Rise of the Runelords to Wrath of the Righteous, you can be sure that the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game will lead you to some incredible exploits and give you great tales to tell. Join us at Myriad to experience some of the best gaming around, thanks to the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game!

THURSDAYS: The weekend starts early on Thursday nights - for gamers, anyway! Eurogamers and Ameritrashers unite to play whatever they please. Bring something awesome from your own collection or check out something from ours! Whatever your preference, this is the time to come together to try new games and share your favorites.

FRIDAYS: Join us Friday nights to play your favorite card games including the world's most popular CCG, Magic: The Gathering! From Force of Will to My Little Pony, we'll always have space at our table for another player.